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We have some great products for the care and enjoyment of your pet. 

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Hemp Oil For Dogs

Hemp My Pet!

Certified all organic Hemp Oil is grown and manufactured in Colorado. All vegan and cruelty-free, human-grade products (except eggs that are included in the Pumpkin Harvest dog biscuits). Without fillers, toxins, pesticides, GMO's or gluten---they are designed to improve the lives of aging pets and those with anxiety, trauma or behavioral issues.

AND...they support animal rescues throughout the country!

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TruDog Superfood for dogs


A raw food diet will help keep your pet heathier and happier. It is good for their teeth, fur, and digestive system. We are proud to partner with TruDog. They have a full line of top quality raw and organic dog food as well as supplements, treats, and dental and grooming supplies. 

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Get Fresh Homemade Dog Food Delivered!

We are what we eat. So BETTER FOOD=BETTER HEALTH. Nom Nom Now offers fresh, homemade food for your pet delivered right to you. Formulated by a leading specialist in pet nutrition and prepared each week by a professional chef, you will not find better food for your dog. Because they count on us, why not give them the best?

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Best Natural Apothecary For Pets!

Looking for natural, gluten free, herbal and synthetic free health care products for your pet? We proudly recommend Natural Wonder. You will not find any sugar, starches, grains, GMO's or alcohol in their formulas. They use USDA certified human grade ingredients! 

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Let's Clean Up!

Safe for pets, kids, adults, and the environment! 5 times better than the competition. Give them a whiff!

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Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet makes natural, holistic care for your pet easy. Every product is 100% guaranteed. We highly reccommend the Easy Defense flea and tick products. They also have a full line of pet food, vitamins, and supplements. Check it out!

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Recently Rescued Dogs

Everyone Loves Robert

Robert was looking out for Big Black, who was having difficulty  due to his short legs. He was immediately "home" when he walked through the door! The other dogs instantly loved him.  He's a combination of an old man, big brother and pup in his mannerisms and behavior. 
Attempts to find original home of both Robert and Big Black were unsuccessful.

Meet Chewy

This amazing animal was abandoned at a small apartment building in Florida. My son happened to be moving out of the building and alerted me about Chewy. I drove down and picked him up. He stayed with me for awhile until I located a good home for him in Alabama. It was VERY hard to let him go. His new parents still send pictures and updates. I am happy to report he is doing great! Click below for some great herbal products for anxious animals. Separation anxiety is common in rescue dogs. 

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My Little Diva, Stella

Stella was brought to me several years ago and I decided to keep her. Good choice! She was immediately a part of the family. A couple of years ago Stella had and accident which paralyzed her from the waist down. Now she is my little Diva in diapers! You can read more about dealing with special needs dogs in my blog post "The Diva Wears Diapers"

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This is AJ

AJ was a rescue dog that I fostered for several weeks for HART (Hope For Animals Rescue Team) in Corbin, KY. He, like most rescue dogs, just needed a little love and attention. He is doing great and we were fortunate enough to place him with a very good home. If you are interested in helping rescue efforts just click here to contact me or click the link below. Thank you in advance!

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Big Black

Big Black is a "Bassador". (Bassett Hound/Lab mix) He went to a rescue and was immediately adopted by a family in Pennsylvania. He was with Robert when they were found trying to avoid the traffic on a busy highway.

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